Jackie DeFrancesco, Financial Administrator

Jacqueline DeFrancesco

Jacqueline DeFrancesco

Full Name: Jacqueline DeFrancesco

Title: Financial Administrator

Other Ministries: I oversee several hospitality ministries at Calvary Life. I also coach high school softball and field hockey.

Year I was saved: 1995

Joined Calvary Life Staff: October 2002

Family: Married 16 years to Pastor Sam; two children

Previous Work: I was a waitress, and also worked with Blue Cross for a season.

Education: High School

Something I find most interesting: It amazes me that people naturally worry and try to control what we can’t control anyway, instead of simply trusting God. He knows what is best for us and works for our best interests.

The best thing someone said to me: Thanks for serving faithfully without looking for accolades.

Life Motto or Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Someone I would like to meet: Bon Jovi and his wife

My Hero: my husband

My Greatest Experience with God: Finding Calvary Life—Ask me about the story sometime!

Most don’t know this about me: In high school, my basketball team was 53-0, with three state titles. I was a point-guard.

Abilities: Multi-tasking

Favorite Food: Whatever my husband cooks 🙂

Favorite Snack: Vanilla ice cream with rainbow shots

Favorite Sport Or Team: Field Hockey

Favorite Movie: Facing the Giants

Favorite Actor: Sandra Bullock

Last Read: The Bible

Favorite Place to be: At home with my family

A Place I would like to go: Italy

Favorite CD or Song: “Waging War” by Cece Winans

Favorite Artist(s): Cece Winans

Favorite Way To Pass Time: A nap!

Time Of Day: Mornings

Season: Winter

Holiday: Christmas

Colors: Brown and Blue

ColorsIf I Had a Superpower: I would make people think positively.

Least Favorite Food: Sushi

Least Favorite TV: Desperate Housewives

Most Annoying: Debt

Habits: I am working to have more open communication with my children.

My favorite pet: Bella, my yorkie-poo. She’s a pretty little girl, in a great big world.

One more thing: I love deals, so if you need to share one, give me a call!