Pastor Carmela Muratori

Pastor Carmela Muratori

Pastor Carmela Muratori

Full Name: Full Name: Carmela Muratori

Title: Pastor

Year I Was Saved: 1987

Founded Calvary Life (with husband John): 1999

Previous Work: Administrative Secretary at Electric and Telecommunications Companies

Education: Post College, New Haven University, Antioch University

Something I Find Most Interesting Is: Wholistic Health And Natural Healing

One Of Best Things Anyone Said To Me: One of the nicest things someone ever said to me was that if they could be like anyone, it would be me, which is very humbling and touching to hear.

My Life Motto Or Verse These Days: Proverbs 4:20-23

Someone I’d Like To Meet: Stormie Omartian or Elizabeth George

My Hero Is: Jesus

One Of My Greatest Experiences With God: My born-again experience

Something Most People Dont Know About Me: I used to make crafts for home decorations and ornaments.

My Greatest Gift Talent Or Ability: God has given me the grace to forgive quickly.

Favorite Food: Salmon

Favorite Book Author: Bible

Favorite Place: Aruba

A Place I Would Like To Go Someday: Israel

Favorite Song: Shekinah Glory By Jaye Thomas & Cory Asbury

Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite Way To Pass Time: Reading or Cooking

Favorite Time Of Day: Early Morning

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite Colors: Purple, Black or Black

If I Had A Superpower: I would have the ability to see where lost children are and rescue them.

Least Favorite Food: Raw fish

What I Find Most Annoying: Disrespectfulness

A Habit I Am Trying To Break Or Form: I would like to have better exercise habits.

Someone I Am Most Thankful For: My husband

One More Thing: My life passion is to live in a way that is pleasing to the Lord in everything that I do.

Find Me Online on: My full bio, my Twitter feed and my blog, Carmela’s Corner

Find Me Online on: My Twitter feed and my blog, Carmela’s Corner