Executive Pastor Sam DeFrancesco

Pastor Sam DeFrancesco

Pastor Sam DeFrancesco

Full Name: Pastor Sam DeFrancesco

Title: Executive Pastor

Department: CT Campus

Year Saved: 1995

Joined Calvary Life Staff: 2009

Family Life: Married 16 years to Jackie; two sons, Austin and Christian

Previous Work: Electrical Contractor/General Contractor

Most Interesting: The art of Cooking

Best Thing Someone Said To Me: Well, This wasn’t actually said to to me, but I read on a wall at my sons school during a Parent/Teacher night as I walking down the hall, all the kids had a project taped to the wall with a picture of who impacted there life the most, and was a hero to them. I saw my name and a hand drawn picture of me from a little boy that I coached in Little League.

Life Motto: Never Never Never Ever Give Up!

Someone I’d Like to Meet: Dan Marino

My Hero: While everyone will put Jesus, and of course He is the greatest Hero of all, I would like to say that my Dad is my Hero too.

Greatest Experience: Well there are many great experiences, but one that I can always recall to mind when I am asked this question, is an experience that happened to me as I was preparing a sermon.

God had impressed upon my heart a message on “Love.” As I was preparing that week, I felt the leading of the Lord to find the song ,“Put A Little Love In Your Heart,” so I made note of that. As the week progressed, it was 2 days before I had to minister and I had an electrical job meeting and walk-thru at a Jewish School with my brother Al. While we were walking the halls of this school finding all the electrical panels, we got to an area that was cluttered by chairs and tables. I put down my clipboard onto a table that was in the way and moved all the items in order to access the panel, and after I was done with my analysis and proceeded to put everything back- I picked up my clipboard, only to find under it, the sheet music to a song, guess what it was? That’s right– “Put A Little Love In Your Heart!” I was in a Jewish School and found the sheet music and lyrics to the song that God told me to find. I began to go crazy with excitement while everyone was walking this job with us, all the other contractors and my brother. I began to share joyfully with everyone what this meant to me and the background behind it all. Due to my loud voice, the woman in the room across from the hall came out and shared that she couldn’t believe that I found that sheet music, because they did an event a couple of years back and that was one of the songs they performed. God is amazing and always on time!

Most People Don’t Know: I was a Chef and also a graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Achievements: The completion of CLFWC New Facility, and My Pastoral Ordination

Favorite Food: Steak or Sushi

Favorite Snack: Ice Cream

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite Movie: Rocky

Favorite CD or Song: Amazing Grace

Favorite Scripture: James 1:2-5

Favorite Place to Pray: In my Car

Favorite Way To Pass Time: Watch sit-coms

Favorite Time of the Day: early morning

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Least Favorite Team: New York Yankees

Least Favorite Place: Hell