House of Humble Dependence

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

1 Kings 8:22-53 “A House of Humble Dependence”
As Solomon begins his prayer in the dedication of God’s house, he looks toward heaven [away from the earthly realm] in humble dependence on God. He acknowledges God’s greatness, love, kindness, and faithfulness to keep His word. He also states God’s habitation is beyond the earthly realm and cannot be limited to this house. However, God will hear the cry of His people who express themselves in humble prayer. Whether individual sin or corporate disobedience to God’s word has resulted in the lifting of His blessing and help, we can turn to God in prayer confessing our failure and His nature. In this context He always will hear our cry. Whether we are defeated before an enemy or suffer from lack of His presence or material needs, we can turn to God with confidence knowing His great mercy and love will restore us. The various situations stated here are never God’s fault, but ours. Our only redemption is found in turning back to God in humble dependence. In this place God will meet us and tend to all our needs.