A Strategy for Victory

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2 Samuel 10:1-27 “A Strategy for Victory”
Because David was on friendly terms with the Ammonites, he sent servants to comfort Hanun (the king) whose father died. David’s motives were challenged by the princes serving Hanun. So they treated his messengers with contempt and shame. David instructed his men to stay in Jericho until their beards grew back, but there is no indication he intended to go to war because of this. Then the nation of Ammon realized they had become odious to David, so they hired Aramean mercenaries to join them to war against David. At this point David sends Joab to fight those attacking them. Their enemies split up to trap them, so Joab divided his men with a commitment to help whoever was struggling. This strategy was very successful. Consequently the threat was removed. Though we all face various attacks from our enemies, we must also make a commitment to fight for our brothers and sisters who are weakened in battle. In this way we are embracing a strategy of love insuring victory for all.