A Time to Grieve

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2 Samuel 1:17-27 “A Time to Grieve!”
“Then David chanted with this lament over Saul and Jonathan his son,…” (17a) David’s tribute to Saul, Jonathan & Israel reflect helpful insights. He focused on celebrating Saul’s greatness and Israel’s loss not wanting to give an occasion for the Philistines to gloat (20). Even today, many celebrate the demise or failures of Christian leaders giving opportunity for this ungodly world to gloat and rejoice. David never references any of the negative side of Saul. Yes, there was one, but at this stage there was no value in expressing it and it would be self-serving. He moves on to celebrate his friend Jonathan’s loyalty and courage (22-23). He is especially distressed at the loss of the great love he received from him. “I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; You have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was more wonderful Than the love of women.” (26) David’s expressions of grief and tribute were uniting factors in days to come. It is entirely proper for godly men to experience and express grief at times of loss.