Close But No Cigar

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

1 Samuel 23:15-29
While David was in the wilderness of Ziph, he heard Saul was again seeking his life. “And Jonathan, Saul’s son, arose and went to David at Horesh, and encouraged him in God.” (16) Jonathan told David not to be afraid because his father would not find him and he would be the next king. He also vowed to stand with him. After Jonathan went home, the Ziphites reported to Saul where David was and committed to helping to take him captive. Some people have the pretense of loyalty, but are really opportunist out for themselves without regard to others. As Saul surrounded David, he received message that the Philistines raided their land. “So Saul returned from pursuing David…” (28a) Our enemies may get close, but our God always provides a way of escape! You might say, our enemies may come close, but no cigar!