David’s Superheros

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2 Samuel 23:8-39 “David’s Superheroes”
“These are the names of the mighty men whom David had:…” (1a) Three men are listed having engaged in battles that necessitated nothing less than the power of God. Josheb-basshebeth killed 800 men at one time. Second to him Eleazar stood up to the Philistines when others fled to preserve their lives. “He arose and struck the Philistines until his hand was weary and clung to the sword, and the LORD brought about a great victory that day;…” (10a, b) The third man was Shammah who defended a plot of ground full of lentils while other people fled, “…and the LORD brought about a great victory.” (12b). These men were not intimidated by the enemy or complaining of their lack of support, but risked their lives engaging God’s power to do what no earthly talent or power could accomplish. They were loyal to David and willing to risk their lives for their king. While these three men stood out from the crowd, others including “…Uriah the Hittite; thirty-seven in all.” (38c). These superheroes had significant impacts on Israel’s prosperity and health. God honors those who stand against great odds even in the context of those fleeing in fear for their lives.