Disrespect Deception & Disaster

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2 Samuel 17:15-29 “Disrespect, Deception & Disaster”
Hushai informs the priests of Ahithophel’s and his counsel to Absalom sending them off to David. He tells him not to stay in the wilderness, but to cross the river so they will not be destroyed. When the informants left they were spotted by a young man who told Absalom. So a woman hid them in the well and put a covering over it and spread grain out on it. Consequently, they were not discovered and their attackers returned to Jerusalem. David acted quickly on Hushai’s advice by crossing the Jordan with all the people. When Ahithophel realized his counsel was rejected he returned home, put his house in order, and took his own life. He knew the rejection of his counsel meant David now had a clear advantage and would hunt him down to kill him. David was received in Mahanaim. David had a long term relationship with these people so his entire crew was refreshed and fed by them. Now Absalom, who deceived people to gain favor, begins to walk in a deception that will end his short term success. His disrespect for authority and deception of the people will lead to his own destruction.