For Heaven’s Sake

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

2 Samuel 19:11-43 “For Heaven’s Sake!”
Those defeated in Israel were quarreling and those in Judah and its spiritual leaders were negligent about bringing back the king. David takes a few key steps to unite them all in returning to the throne in Jerusalem. He reminds the spiritual leaders to step up and not be the last to restore him to his house. He sends a message to Amasa, commander of Absalom’s army [his opposer], telling him to replace Joab as his commander over all in Israel. By doing this David shows he has no bitterness against those deceived by Absalom and is even willing to put trust in them. Besides this, David likely was still angry with Joab for killing his son and disobeying his orders. David also showed mercy to Shimei who had mocked and taunted him while fleeing. This mercy was not personal but essential for reuniting the Benjamites under his leadership. He also shows mercy to Mephibosheth for not going with him. He may not have believed him over his servant, but it seemed essential for the unity of the nation. David also reward foreign neighbors who assisted him in his fleeing. All this did not stop the fighting between those who followed Absalom and those who followed David, but it did lay a path for the healing of the nation. David rose above his grief, tapped into God’s wisdom, and the nation began to heal. We need to follow his example in rising above our grief, not only for our benefit, but for the sake of all God’s people! As my mom would often say: “For heaven’s sake, do what is right!