Fortifying Our Future

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

1 Kings 9:10-28 “Fortifying Our Future”
Hiram was not satisfied with the payment received from Solomon for the services he gave for the construction of the temple and palace buildings. Pharaoh captured Gezer and killed the Canaanites who lived their as a dowry for his daughter who married Solomon. There were also those within Israel they were unable to destroy so Solomon made them servants. He did not make slaves of the sons of Israel but they became men of war, his servants and leaders. Solomon also strengthened himself by offering regular worship offerings to the Lord. He established cities controlling the trade route from North to South and built a fleet of ships strengthening the coastal region of Israel. This also increased his resources of gold. Solomon employed various means to fortify Israel against her enemies to secure her future. All of these things, however, would be useless unless he continued to walk before God honoring His Word and principles. Many today seek to secure their future, but make the deadly mistake of failing to walk with God and honor HIs Word.