Foundation for Success

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

1 Kings 2:10-46 “Foundation for Success”
At the death of David, Adonijah engages in a subtle plan to usurp the throne through engaging Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother (10-17). She naively goes along with Adonijah, but Solomon recognizes what is behind his request and sends Benaiah to kill him (18-25). He also removes Abiathar from being priest to fulfill God’s word concerning Eli (26-27). Upon hearing of Adonijah’s death Joab flees to the tent of the Lord, but Solomon sends Benaiah to kill him. Joab refused to leave the tent saying he would die there. Solomon would not allow Joab to hide in his religion, but Benaiah returned to kill and bury him to remove the stain of unnecessary bloodshed from David’s house (28-35). Solomon allows Shimei to survive by assigning him an area to live in [where he could watch him]. However, when Shimei flees to Gath, Solomon sends Benaiah to kill him (36-46). After Solomon takes this series of steps to take out these bad influences, we read: “…Thus the kingdom was established in the hands of Solomon.” (46c). Similarly, at times, we also have to take serious steps to remove influences in our lives that are detrimental to the reign of Christ in our lives!