Hatred & Bitterness Kills

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2 Samuel 13:20-39 “Hatred & Bitterness Kills”
“Now when King David heard of all these matters, he was angry. But Absalom did not speak to Amnon either good or bad; for Absalom hated Amon because he had violated his sister Tamar.” (21-22) Here a clear contrast is highlighted: While David was angry, he was not harboring bitterness. However, Absalom hid his hatred for two years (23a). After two years he convinced King David to allow Amnon and all his brothers to attend what would normally be a joyous event [sheep shearing]. By this time, no one was suspicious of Absalom’s motives. Then Absalom commanded his servants to assist in his plot to kill Amnon, not unlike David commanded Joab to kill Uriah. At the death of Amnon all the king’s sons fled the scene and a false report came to David saying they were all killed. David began to mourn in a most demonstrative way, but Jonadab [who gave Amnon a plot to rape his sister], told David only his son Amnon died who had violated Tamar. There is always someone who seeks to take advantage of tragedy to ingratiate themselves for selfish reasons while everyone around them is suffering. We learn here to guard our hearts so as not to allow our anger to turn to the hatred and bitterness that kills [as Absalom did]. We, like David, can experience anger without it evolving into bitterness.