Inquiring of God & Honoring Heroes

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

2 Samuel 2:1-7 “Inquiring of God & Honoring Heroes”
“Then it came about afterwards that David inquired of the LORD, saying, ‘Shall I go up to one of the cities of Judah?’ And the LORD said to him, ‘God up. So David said, ‘Where shall I go up?’ And He said, ‘To Hebron.’” (1) At the loss of everything David began to carefully inquire of the Lord for direction in his life. This humble expression of David led him to be a successful king. After anointing him king over Judah, they told him of the Heroic acts of the men of Jabesh-gilead who rescued Saul’s body and gave him a proper burial. Having no insecurity over his new position as king, David honored these men saying: “…’May you be blessed of the LORD because you have shown this kindness to Saul your lord, and have buried him.’” (5b). He then asked God to show them lovingkindness and truth. He also encouraged them to be strong and valiant though Saul is dead, because he has been anointed as king over Judah. David’s humble inquiring of God and honoring of good men provided a healthy foundation for his new role as king.