Insecurity, Manipulation & Irrationality

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

1 Samuel 22:6-19
As David obeys God’s prophetic word, he is immediately in a place of danger to Saul. David does not seek the role of king but obedience to God’s word. Saul, however, in paranoia, promises provisions and power to his servants and falsely accuses them of conspiring against him (manipulation). This insecurity not only seeks allegiance to secure power, but manifests in self pity: “‘…and there is none of you who is sorry for me…’” (8b). Though Saul’s servants would not betray David or Jonathan, an Edomite (Doeg) willingly went along with Saul for personal benefit. He told Saul of Ahimelech the priest’s assistance to David knowing it would lead to irrational perception and action, but would also enhance his own position. When Ahimelech was confronted, he admitted helping David while reasoning with Saul about David’s loyalty and relationship with the king. However, when operating in insecurity no amount of reason will correct misperception and ultimately leads to irrational behavior. This resulted in the death of the priests, their families and their support system (vs. 19). It is interesting that what Saul would not do in obedience to God against Israel’s enemies, he was willing to do to God’s priests. Insecurity always leads to false perceptions, manipulation and irrational behavior!