Insecurity Undermines Legacy

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

1 Kings 15:25-34 “Insecurity Undermines Legacy!”
Nadab, the son of Jeroboam, ruled only two years over the Northern tribes of Israel. “He did evil in the sight of the LORD, and walked in the way of his father and in his sin which he made Israel sin.” (26) The religion of convenience and comprised established by Jeroboam became a pattern that plagued Israel its entire history. It was not just the sin of a king, but a sin impacting the entire nation. God had spoken through Ahijah (prophet) of the demise of Jeroboam’s dynasty and this was fulfilled when Baasha killed Nadab while in battle with a city among the legacy. Baasha eradicated the entire household of Jeroboam because he had provoked “…the LORD God of Israel to anger.” (30c). We learn a valuable lesson from this part of Israel’s history! God is patient when we sin, but if we, as leaders, create a stumbling block to the worship of God rooted in our insecurity to secure our position of power, He is greatly angered.There will be no legacy for those who seek to secure places of power. We have lost sight of why we are leaders serving our own selves rather than God’s people and purpose.