Self Appointed or God Anointed

Calvary Life Family Worship Center

1 Kings 1:49-53 “Self Appointed or God Anointed?”
“Then all the guests of Adonijah were terrified; and they arose and each went on his way. And Adonijah was afraid of Solomon,…” (49-50a) When Solomon arose as the king, Adonijah lost his support and his courage. He turned to seek the mercy asking Solomon not to kill him. Solomon, as the God ordained king, was not insecure like the self appointed king and he said, “…’If he is a worthy man, not one of his hairs will fall to the ground; but if wickedness is found in him, he will die.’” (52) Solomon, being aware he was where God wanted him to be, did not seek revenge on Adonijah. If Adonijah had been successful he would have killed Solomon in his insecurity and selfish ambition. However, Solomon gives him a chance to redeem himself by living in support and honoring him as the God anointed king of Israel. Those who promote themselves live in insecurity, fear and forcefulness seeking to insure their positions. However, those promoted by God live in confidence, faith and mercy with the well being of those they serve in mind.