Why Adversaries?

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1 Kings 11:26-43 “Why Adversaries?”
Besides the external enemies, God raised up an adversary from within Israel named Jeroboam. He was an Ephraimite serving Solomon but eventually rebelled against him. Solomon saw his value as a warrior and laborer until he received a symbolic word from the prophet Ahijah. This prophet tore his new cloak into 12 pieces giving ten to Jeroboam saying he would receive from the Lord ten tribes because of Solomon’s disobedience to God. However, “…but he will have one tribe, for the sake of My servant David and for the sake of Jerusalem, the city I have chosen from all the tribes of Israel),…” (32). Ahijah explains to Jeroboam God’s reason is because Solomon devoted himself to new gods (of his wives) and consequently failed to follow God as his father David did. Then God promises Jeroboam a great legacy if he will follow God as David did. Yet, Solomon did not repent but sought to kill him so he fled to Egypt until Solomon died. We must be careful lest we seek to destroy what God is using to bring us to repentance restoring whole hearted devotion to Himself! When we focus on removing our adversaries, we may be removing God’s will and intentions for us.